10 More Sci-Fi Horror Movie Fates Worse Than Death

9. Lobotomized And Returned To The Cube - Cube Zero

Life Ending
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The Kafkaesque Cube franchise has always received a generally positive reception from horror audiences. The darkly dystopian universe isn't the best creation that horror has to offer, but always results in a thrilling cinematic experience. As such, fans are willing to overlook some of the shakier CGI and more nonsensical plot lines in a trilogy that has garnered cult classic status.

Everybody knows the drill in the Cube by now - anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves trapped in this appalling landscape has to navigate some form of sadistic booby trap to move to the next room. The trilogy's third installment, Cube Zero, sees Wynn - a technician in the facility - enter the Cube to rescue a test subject after realizing that participation in the twisted game is involuntary.

Tragically, all Wynn's Good Samaritan nature does is buy him a fate that would make Prometheus wince. While he succeeds in helping the test subject - Cassandra Rains - escape the facility, he is unable to avoid being captured in the process. The sinister powers that run the facility reveal that Wynn actually agreed to become a test subject years ago, before lobotomizing him and returning him to the Cube - mirroring the condition of intellectually disabled character Kazan from the first movie.

This is clearly not the first time that insidious corporation behind the Cube has inflicted a fate worse than death.

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