10 More Star Wars Mistakes You Can't Unsee

After this list, you'll never look at one of Lando's conversations with Han Solo the same way again.

Rey Force Awakens

Even after spending months/years planning incoming Episodes in the Skywalker Saga, spin-off Star Wars Stories, and animated tales set in this galaxy, the chances of that incoming slice of Force-sensitive fun being 100% mistake free are still rather low.

The brilliant folks behind these various epic adventures may all be freakishly talented humans, but even Jedi mess up from time to time.

More often than not when taking in certain scenes involving iconic Force wielders battling against merciless cyborgs or a pair of protagonists bickering on the Millennium Falcon, though, fans have been too lost in the enthralling tale being told on-screen to spot the odd accidental continuity or actor error.

However, those days of blissfully sitting through some of your favourite Star Wars scenes without noticing a few hilarious or even quite strange mistakes staring you right in the face, will very much be over once you dive into the following blunder-filled entries.

So, after already having shone a light on 10 Star Wars Mistakes You Can’t Unsee, get ready to never be able to unsee everything from magical points to impossible costume changes in this galaxy far, far away, too...

10. A Visor Changes A Number Of Times Within Seconds - The Clone Wars

Rey Force Awakens

Continuity errors are easily the most common mistakes you'll find in this galaxy far, far away - as this list will highlight.

And it's not just the live-action tales told in the Star Wars universe that have accidentally unleashed a few inconsistent shots over the years either.

During the first season of the brilliant animated Clone Wars series, Episode 13 - Jedi Crash sees General Anakin Skywalker coming to the aid of Jedi Knight Aayla Secura and her clone troopers. And it's here when one particular clone commander seems to go through a pretty strange change in the heat of battle.

Keep an eye on Commander Bye's visor as Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano help take down a number of battle droids with Secura. In the space of just a few seconds, it appears to go from being flipped upwards, to back down, to right back up again, to completely disappearing altogether (!) as the heroes try to get to safety.

You were likely too distracted by 'The Chosen One' and 'Snips' slicing their way through droids to spot this strange ever-changing visor during these early Clone Wars days. But the animators either just weren't on the same page when crafting these shots of Bye shooting his way out of trouble or wanted to show off just how quick his reflexes were with these impossibly rapid visor adjustments.

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