10 More Terrifying Horror Movies Set During Daylight

Why would the scares stop just because the sun is shining?

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Humans have always found something to be scared of in the dark. The unknowns of what could be hiding out of sight in the shadows has proven to be the foundation of many a good horror movie over the years, with the time of day proving to be more a crucial component in this genre than any other.

Going off the traditional horror movie rulebook, it's when the sun goes down that things go array for its characters. More often than not, that is the moment in which people begin to lose their sanity, heinous acts are committed and evil serial killers begin their sprees. On the flip side, if a character can survive long enough to see the sun poking on the horizon, that is usually the sign that they've survived their ordeal.

But, what happens when scriptwriters and directors decide to switch things up and set the terrors for the daytime?

Having already previously covered 10 Terrifying Horror Movies Set During Daylight a little while back, then, here are a further ten such chilling, disturbing, terrifying offerings that largely play out amongst the backdrop of daylight.

10. Final Destination 2 (2003)

YellowBrickRoad Movie
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Final Destination is a series that loves to divide audiences and critics alike, but this article's author will go to the grave defending it as an outlandish but fun addition to the horror genre.

And there are so many reasons why Final Destination 2 is the best of the lot.

Like its predecessor, Final Destination 2 revolves around the main character (Kimberly) having a premonition about an impending disaster. Once she intervenes, death begins picking off the survivors of this disaster in a series of grizzly and gruesome accidents.

What makes Final Destination 2 so good is the painstaking amount of effort David R. Ellis and his team put into the highway disaster scene and the deaths that ensue. Most of the spectacles are done via practical effects, with the log truck accident still standing as one of the finest stunts in the horror genre.

The fact that this disaster and the bulk of the accidents in the movie take place during the middle of the day helps remind audiences that death can come for anyone at anytime.


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