10 More Terrifying Horror Movies Set During Daylight

9. Session 9 (2001)

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Session 9 is an interesting psychological horror flick. Coming from the mind of Brad Anderson, who had only been known for his romantic comedies up until the movie's release, this 2001 picture is the story of an asbestos crew taking a job to clean up an abandoned mental asylum.

It goes without saying that it doesn't take long for some spooky goings-on to start impacting the group, with the dark history of the building combined with the tight deadlines gradually grinding away at their sanities.

Where Session 9 differs from most films like it, is through the fact that the majority of the group's work naturally takes place during the day. Using the real-world location of the Danvers State Mental Hospital in Massachusetts, the gothic architecture and unkept feel constantly keep audiences on the edge of their seats, knowing there are dark secrets lurking on every wall.

The vast majority of the movie follows the five-strong group inside the building, but the sunlight creeping through the windows gives Session 9 a unique colour palette that permanently keeps things unnerving.


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