10 More Terrifying Vacation Horror Movies

Taking tourist traps to a whole new level.

The evil dead ii 2
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Vacation, an eight letter word that, for most of us, conjures up thoughts of temporary relief from life. The idea of bathing under the sun, drinking more alcohol than our stomach can contain, and just overall being a lazy piece of s**t for a couple of weeks is symptomatic of the human experience. Or maybe you're considering a change of climate altogether, traversing through snowy azures, sitting on top of the world in the Australian outback, or perhaps you crave the depths of the lowest point in the world known as the Dead Sea.

For the infelicitous characters in this collection, the general idea is more adherent to the prevention going to any of these deadly, rural, or so-called scenic places that incur a much higher fee than the extortionate airport handling fees may drain from you. As these excursions may instead drain the colour from your skin rather than tanning it.

Whatever your preference for the next endeavour, we're sure the phrase "mortality rate" isn't something that you would consider alongside your suitcase, tanning lotion or general itinerary. Neither did the unsuspecting victims of the following films, and after viewing their exploits, you may want to contemplate whether you may have under packed, because Holidays from Hell looks like a trip down the Yellow Brick Road in comparison.

10. Rest Stop

The evil dead ii 2
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Rest Stop is a 2006 film that was never going to be nominated for anything golden unless it was raspberry coated, but does that stop audience members from exuding raspberry noises from their posterior?

We'll let you decide as you squirm in your seat before desperately lurching to the next most convenient toilet. Well, maybe not, as the inundated experience that the aspirant actress - Nicole - whose destitute tale we observe in all of its unequivocal trepidation, goes quickly awry when deciding to make a pit stop when she should've kept driving. She encounters a serial killer who inexorably hunts her down like he was terminally ill and it was the last thing to tick off on his bucket list.

This would deter even those plagued with violent fits of diarrhoea from excreting in an unfamiliar facility. Just make sure you strap on a nappy before you strap in for this road trip movie that doesn't stall on the incessant action for even a second.


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