10 More Times Actors Had To Get Drunk To Shoot Their Scenes

7. Rebecca Romijn - X-Men

Rebecca Romijn Mystique
20th Century Fox

Though Jennifer Lawrence may have given a far more high-profile performance as Mystique, Rebecca Romijn is still accepted by most fans to be the more definitive, enthusiastic portrayal of the character.

However, the excessive steps Fox took to ensure set photos of Mystique weren't snapped ultimately resulted in a rather embarrassing, alcohol-fueled incident for the model-turned-actress.

Romijn was forced to rest in a windowless room between takes to avoid photos landing online, which drove her mad as it would just about anyone. On the final day of shooting, she brought in a bottle of Tequila and insisted that the cast and crew do shots before commencing her last work on the film, but drank too much ahead of shooting her final fight scene with Hugh Jackman, and ended up vomiting all over him.

To top it all off, the blue body-paint Romijn had to wear for the role incredibly caused her vomit to turn blue, making the whole outing even more weird and horrifying. Romijn wanted to de-stress a little before completing her work on the film, and ended up spewing all over Wolverine instead. Lovely.

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