10 More Underrated Horror Movies You Need To Watch

From zombies, to witches, to Tinder gone wrong...

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016
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It can be hard making a good horror movie. Whether it's trying to get the perfect balance between blood, guts, and actual story, or just coming up with some original spooky creations, there's plenty of mediocre entries into the genre that prove it's not as easy as it looks to make scary stuff work.

On the other hand however, there's a buttload of movies that have mastered their craft, offering up something truly entertaining to the genre but swept under the rug for some reason or another after their release.

They might be small, or controversial, or unfairly panned by critics only to become cult gems in the aftermath - but they're there, ready to be thrust into the limelight and given the appreciation they deserve. Horror movies are for life, not just for Christmas.

And if this doesn't satiate that supernatural hunger, there's 10 more ready and waiting once you've finished. What a treat.

10. Carriers

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016
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Zombie movies have really done the rounds. From contractors of the rage virus, to walkers, to boneys - and yes, that's what they're call in Warm Bodies, I'm not being crude - there's more than enough representation out there for the shuffling undead masses. Now, Carriers isn't necessarily a zombie film by all standards, but it's post-apocalyptic setting and establishment of a world-ending virus plaguing humanity is a familiar one.

When the dead stay gone, the fight for survival feels all the more poignant. The titular carriers of a pandemic are those that sick and can infect others simply by breathing on them, proving a battle of trust for four friends as they attempt to find safety by driving through America.

It's a tight, emotionally-manipulative movie that strangely seems to fall by the wayside when similar films are discussed, but it deserves all the more praise for its bleak portrayal of a dying and forgotten world. That, and Chris Pine before he became famous.


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