10 More Underrated Horror Movies You Need To Watch

9. Pyewacket

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016
JoBro Productions & Film Finance

An indie release that's come without much fanfare this year, Pyewacket is a brilliantly intense imagining of all the things that go wrong when you summon a demon to kill your own mother - just in case you were considering it. Leah learns the hard way that interfering with the supernatural comes with its consequences, and that moving to a new city isn't the worst thing that can happen to her, or her stressed out mother.

Pyewacket makes great use of a gloomy, oppressive tone, never giving too much away or revelling in monstrous visuals; instead focussing on the emotional repercussions of its plot before devolving into chilling spectacle.

Whilst the ending becomes clear as the film goes on, each step to get there is expertly crafted, making its budget feel much larger than it actually is. What's not to like about a load of goths and Laurie Holden from The Walking Dead?


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