10 More Underrated Horror Movies You Need To Watch

8. Bug

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016

Delivered straight from the horror movie holy font that birthed The Exorcist, William Friedkin's Bug is a claustrophobic nightmare lurking in the shadows, telling the tale of a man convinced that the government has implanted insects under his skin.

Obsessed with conspiracy theories and intensely paranoid, Peter is introduced to waitress Agnes, asking for her help by holing up in her apartment against the political forces he's trying to outrun.

Shot almost entirely in the one room, Bug leans heavily into its gross premise by squashing us into the space these characters think is invested with microscopic creatures. It's a strange, eerie, and later disgusting insight into the broken human mind: never quite certain of where it sits between reality and fiction.

If you want something that will keep you guessing, Bug will have you stuck in your seat until the very end on its maniacal intensity alone.


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