10 More Unexpected Horror Movie Survivors

Even more horror movie characters who shockingly escaped the grave!

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The chances of surviving a movie in real life depend on the genre. If it's a romance, you'll likely reach the end. In comedy, you'll be just fine, so long as you're not in a Coen brothers flick. But then there's horror. What are your odds here? Not a chance in hell!

Horror is a genre built upon making you feel afraid for your own life, even in the comfort of a cinema or your own home. Thanks to this, it's rare to see any characters survive.

Plenty of horror movie victims have fallen throughout the years; so much so, fans have gotten used to the tropes of the genre. You can usually identify someone destined for death right away based on their actions, casting, writing, or general personality. There are also times when a character suffers an attack that makes them seem like an instant goner.

However, there are some figures who manage to make it through their movie despite all of your best judgment. Some of these folk have already been covered in a list you can read here, but plentiful others have unexpectedly stood up to the trials and tribulations of the genre and made it out alive.

10. Tallahassee - Zombieland (2009)

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Surviving any horror is a miracle, but you've really got luck on your side if you manage to make it out of a zombie movie. On top of that, imagine taking the 'dead mentor' trope into a place where death walks the streets. Boy, you'd better start writing a will because it doesn't look good. That's what many expected for Zombieland's Tallahassee, but it's hard to keep a good cowboy down.

This character, played by the legendary Woody Harrelson, is the mentor to Jessie Eisenberg's Columbus in a world ravaged by the undead. He's badass, cool, and amusing, but his position as the mentor of the group makes you doubt he'll make it out alive. The character seemed destined for a heroic sacrifice akin to Obi-Wan or Gandalf.

The movie's climax starts to pay this off as Tallahassee distracts a massive horde of zombies by leading them away from our other protagonists. He then locks himself in a booth with only two pistols, and sets himself up for an epic final hurrah. But this never comes, as Tallahassee genuinely kills all the monsters with his limited weaponry.

It came as a big surprise that Harrelson's character made it through Zombieland (and Zombieland: Double Tap), which shows you never really know what's going to happen in a zombie flick.


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