10 More Unnecessary Movie Details You Need To Know

They may not be vital, but these movie details are still pretty damn cool.

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If there's one things die-hard cinephiles love more than sitting down in a packed out theatre on opening weekend, it's the almost entirely useless trivia about said features that ultimately trickles onto the inter-web.

It doesn't matter whether it's just discovering some lesser known cameos or even spotting easter eggs that have absolutely no bearing on said film's plot as a whole, there's just something strangely satisfying about digging up some little known facts about a classic or even truly terrible cinematic offering.

As a sequel to another detail-packed list you can find right here, it's again important to tip the old cap to the likes of the /r/MovieDetails community for shining a light on many of these pieces of movie trivia gold.

Cinema-going folks aren't half diligent.

Items and props that carry more meaning than you initially thought, throwaway lines that become more impressive by the watch, and insanely talented directors putting their stamp on a feature in the most unique of ways are just a few examples of rather compelling movie facts you need to know...

10. Margot Robbie Actually Wore Some Of Sharon Tate's Jewellry - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The Riddler Batman Forever
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For many actors, the key to fully connecting to or even completely immersing themselves in the world of another human being can be found in that person's style of clothing.

In the case of Margot Robbie when it came time for her to step into the shoes of real-life late movie star Sharon Tate in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, said material gateway came in the form of some rather legit items.

Robbie was loaned some of Tate's genuine own jewellery by none other than the actor' sister herself - Debra Tate. Better yet, Robbie was able to wear the likes of Sharon's own hoop earrings in the feature itself, adding a bit more authenticity to the Wolf of Wall Street's memorable, if not largely under-utilised, turn in the tribute to the golden age of Hollywood.

As another interesting tidbit, Tarantino was also said to have been offered the chance to use the actual vehicle the Manson "family" drove en-route to murdering Tate in real-life for the flick. But even he decided this was likely a step too far.


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