10 More Unnecessary Movie Details You Need To Know

9. Wall-E Makes The Same Noise As A Mac When Booting Up - Wall-E

The Riddler Batman Forever

While generally known as one of the major brains behind the absolute modern technology titan that is Apple, it may come as a surprise to some to learn that Steve Jobs was actually also a co-founder of a little animation studio by the name of Pixar. Fancy that.

That brings us nicely to an easily missed piece of gold that was snuck into the heart-warming delight that is 2008's post-apocalyptic love story - Wall-E. When the titular metal box garbage bot's charge is completed, those who have spent many a day having to load up their Mac computers will likely have spotted something eerily familiar in said process.

As it goes, Pixar opted to use the exact same F-sharp chord sound that invades Macintosh user's eardrums upon each reboot when Wall-E was finishing up his charging process as something of a tribute to Jobs and his company.

Again, for those Windows users out there, this little easter egg likely turbo charged straight over their heads. But for those dedicated to all things Apple, Wall-E's full charged tune definitely struck a chord.


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