10 More Unnecessary Movie Details You Need To Know

8. Bishop's Accurate Assessment Of Time Remaining - Aliens

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In the thick of an action-packed edge-of-your seat thrill ride like James Cameron's Aliens, it's fairly understandable for a few pieces of information to slip through the cracks upon a first watch. Hell, in the case of this next little-known gem, even die-hard fans of Aliens will have likely overlooked this throwaway piece of trivia.

As Ripley probes android Bishop on exactly how much time they have left until the station explodes, the bot responds by telling Sigourney Weaver's iconic alien-killer, "Plenty. 26 minutes."

Though at first this appears to be nothing more than a simple narrative checkpoint, twenty-six minutes is actually the exact amount of time remaining in the special edition feature until the screen fades to black and the credits begin to roll. The line is said at 02:05:44 and the credits arrive at exactly 02:31:44.


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