10 Most Annoying Little Inconsistencies In MCU History

Why did Thanos have to change so much over the years?

Loki Marvel
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One of the most important aspects to Marvel Studios when it comes to building the Marvel Cinematic Universe is consistency. There are a lot of balls to juggle when it comes to managing so many smaller franchises under one umbrella, and they all have to exist cohesively.

Whereas someone like Warner Bros. have simply thrown a bunch of movies out in the hopes of cobbling together a shared DC universe, Marvel Studios have always had a meticulous plan in place even up to five or six years in advance. Everything has to fit together.

For the most part, the MCU does a great job of this, even down to small details that are referenced or still have some effect many years later. However, this does not mean that everything is perfect. Of course, there are some inconsistencies that have slipped through the net.

This list contains contradictions throughout the MCU that aren’t movie-changing plot holes, or aspects that will make you question entire stories or narratives. These are the little annoyances that ultimately make little difference, but drive those that take the franchise far too seriously, this writer included, mad.

10. Loki's True Form

Loki Marvel
Walt Disney Corporation

Since 2011, Loki has been brought to life by the wonderful Tom Hiddleston, and has become nothing short of iconic over the years. By now every MCU fan knows his story, that he was never Odin’s trueborn son, and that he was technically a Frost Giant taken from Jotunheim by the King of Asgard.

Ever since, Loki used magic to alter his form to better fit in on Asgard. It wouldn’t do to wander around his new home as a Frost Giant, so he essentially chose to look like Tom Hiddleston. His true form was glimpsed in Thor when holding the Casket of Ancient Winters, and was seen properly in What If…?.

However, it should have been seen far more throughout Loki on Disney+. When he was arrested by the TVA, naturally Loki tried to use magic to escape and deceive his kidnappers, but was unable to. The power of the TVA rendered Infinity Stones useless, so Loki’s tricks were never going to work.

How then, was he able to keep the magic needed to alter his form? If there was no magic allowed in the TVA at all then Loki should have appeared in his natural, Frost Giant form, rather than what audiences have come to get used to.


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