10 Most Annoying Movie Characters EVER

These characters were just EXHAUSTING.

The Fifth Element Chris Tucker
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It's often said that the worst thing a movie character can be is forgettable - generally filmmakers want you to passionately love or hate their heroes and villains, ensuring you'll want to revisit them again in the future.

And then there are characters who are just straight-up annoying, whether by design or mistake.

They're the characters whose mere presence on-screen makes your hair stand up on end and you blood run cold, by way of their deeply unpleasant personalities, the way they speak, the noises they make, and basically every single thing about them.

These 10 characters, each of them either heroes or comic relief sidekicks, proved actively grating presences in their respective movies, enough that some viewers even find it genuinely difficult to sit through their scenes.

In some cases the filmmakers wanted you to be annoyed by the characters but perhaps went overboard, while in others they hoped you might warm to them eventually, yet it just never happened.

Either way, they're the gold standard of loud, over-the-top, irritating movie characters whose mere presence is a blight on the film itself...

10. Willie Scott - Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom

The Fifth Element Chris Tucker

Would any list like this be complete without Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom's love interest Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw)?

You can at least see what Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were going for here - an odd couple pairing between the charming rogue Indy (Harrison Ford) and the pampered, fish-out-of-water Willie.

She couldn't be much more the polar opposite of both Indy and his prior love interest Marion (Karen Allen), but Willie's one-dimensional damsel-in-distress shtick gets supremely tired in record time.

And Kate Capshaw's bleating performance doesn't help much - Willie rarely goes more than a few moments without screaming or shouting "Indyyyyyyy," and while we're supposed to slowly warm to her over the course of the adventure, that doesn't quite wash for many fans.

She's a thin sketch of a character who can't hold a candle to Marion and, worse still, is an actively grating presence for almost the entire adventure.

Willie is surely the primary reason that Temple of Doom is regarded as inferior to the first and third films.


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