10 Most Annoying Movie Plot Holes Ever

Annoying movie plot holes! Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Liar Liar & more.

Liar Liar Court Scene
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There comes a time in life where you have to admit that even movies that you love and care about deeply can occasionally make mistakes. Plenty of great films have big problems at their core that we choose to ignore in order to get maximum enjoyment out of our viewing experience.

Whether there are problems with some wonky timelines, a few nonsensical character motivations or maybe a bit of dialogue that doesn’t quite align with the agreed canon of things, the possibilities for things to go wrong are endless. Getting everything bang-on correct in a movie can prove quite a challenge, and it’s a challenge that many a movie can’t complete.

Regular Joes and film snobs alike suffer under the shadow of the plot hole, one glaring mistake in a movie that can threaten to ruin all its prospects of being a successful narrative.

Some can be overlooked whereas others stare you directly in the face and wink, taunting you with their frustrating presence.

Obviously there’s more movies with more plot holes than we could ever cover in just one list, so here we will sample just ten of cinema’s most irritating plot holes. Strap in and get ready to be annoyed for the rest of the day...

10. Limitless - Morra’s Memory

Liar Liar Court Scene

There are a number of things that make Limitless a less than perfect film. It only takes a quick google of the phrase ‘Limitless plot holes’ to reveal a whole host of articles and Reddit threads dedicated to expressing audiences’ chargrin with the film’s problems.

The most egregious in-film oversight comes from Bradley Cooper’s Eddie Morra, and his nonsensically unreliable memory. We’re not talking about the ‘time skip’, but instead the fact that he apparently completely forgets to pay back a huge loan, thus causing himself a world of problems.

This is a highly intelligent man who, in his drugged up state, is able to remember bits of information he glanced at twenty years earlier but somehow he isn’t able to remember a simple loan due-date? It’s not that he couldn’t afford it either, he quickly turns around millions of dollars worth of profit on his initial loan amount, and he could have simply cashed out what he owed as soon as he got it and delivered it in a gift wrapped box to loan-shark Gennady.

Unfortunately this isn’t what happened, and instead a whole load of unnecessary drama unfolds because apparently the world’s smartest man can’t keep track of a diary. Disappointing.


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