10 Most Annoying Movie Plot Holes Ever

9. Ant Man - Physics Faux Pas

Liar Liar Court Scene
Marvel Studios

Everyone loves Ant Man. He’s a charming, likeable character with a sympathetic back story and the added benefit of having Paul Rudd’s charming face. You know what everyone does not love, however? The chronically inconsistent science behind the Pym Particle and thus the entire basis of the Ant Man movie.

The shrinking works basically by reducing the amount of space between the particles and atoms in an object/being, thus making them a lot smaller and denser. The first problem here is that according to this law, nothing should ever be able to shrink smaller than an atom (because only the space between atoms is shrinking), but in a way this can be excused by the explanation that even Pym was still learning about the capabilities of his particle.

The inexcusable problem is that it is clearly stated that when something is shrunk, its mass is retained. Only, this is only evident when it is convenient.

When Scott drops to the floor and cracks a tile, that makes sense because he is 200lb of grown-ass man slamming into an ant-sized section of ceramic. Later, however, he is able to run along the barrel of a gun without so much as slightly shifting its direction. The absolute killer on this front is the classic ‘tank on a key ring’ bit, where we are led to believe that Hank Pym keeps a whole Cold War era tank attached to his keys.

That’s, what, 40 tons of metal sat in his pocket and he’s just waltzing around? Come off it.


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