10 Most Annoying Tiny Inconsistencies In Star Wars

Plo Koon's death is ruined.

star wars plo koon death revenge of the sith

A long time ago, George Lucas decided to blast an entire generation off to a galaxy far, far away. And in doing so he didn't half forge himself (and those who would come after him) a rather tough act to follow in the years to come.

On top of routinely pumping out exciting new chapters of an ever-growing saga and eventually adding animated and live-action small-screen corners of the sprawling universe, each and every creator and mind behind an incoming Star Wars property was ultimately tasked with trying to keep consistent with the narrative, powers, and other developments that came before them.

And while some brilliant directors and teams have been able to masterfully add rich new detail that accurately enhances already established beats and iconic moments, others - including Master Lucas himself - have unfortunately found themselves creating more questions than answers whilst lacing fresh sequences and storylines into the Skywalker Saga and beyond.

From a certain vital Jedi Master not once being alluded to in the OG trilogy of legendary flicks, to notable Force users suddenly forgetting what they're actually capable of, these are those times Star Wars felt a little bit patchy, to say the least.

10. Luke Skywalker Forgets He's Force Sensitive

star wars plo koon death revenge of the sith

In another case of a character seemingly forgetting what they were actually capable of in those truly vital moments of Skywalker Saga action, Luke Skywalker didn't half have a funny ol' habit of acting like he was anything but Force-sensitive over the course of the Original Trilogy.

Despite showcasing pretty early on in The Empire Strikes Back that he undoubtedly knew how to manipulate objects via the Force, doing so in his quest to stave off a Wampa attack, the eventual Master Jedi regularly finds himself resorting to much less mystical methods to get the job done.

The opening of Return of the Jedi sees Luke physically launch a rock at a button that brings a door down onto an incoming rancor, instead of, you know, casually lifting the stone with the Force or even just pushing the button from afar with his newest power.

Later in Episode VI, Skywalker asks Han Solo to reach for his lightsaber upon being caught in a net on Endor, despite already showing he knows a thing or two about Force-grabbing that very same weapon on multiple occasions throughout the trilogy.

"Use the Force, Luke." You've been told enough times!

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