10 Most Annoying Tiny Inconsistencies In Star Wars

9. Scanning Makes No Sense

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It's noted pretty early into A New Hope that The Empire comes equipped with technology capable of scanning for lifeforms on spacecraft, with a Star Destroyer clocking that C-3PO and R2-D2's escape pod didn't contain anything of the sort as it blasted away from the action.

Fast forward to a bit later on in the same day, however, and said rather useful tech is nowhere to be seen as Han Solo and the gang find themselves dragged onto the Death Star by a tractor beam.

Now with the rugged pilot acting as a rather successful smuggler, there's an argument to be made that his hiding compartments on the ship may have boasted shields designed to help keep life forms off said scanners. But the fact he claims he never thought he'd be smuggling himself in them not long after they land in the base, appears to debunk that theory.

The fact the Imperial forces were suddenly content with merely checking the ship's log and coming to the conclusion there mustn't be any life forms on board, before bizarrely sending in a human scanning squad just to double check, also seems bizarre after already proving they possess kit that can simply pick up traces of life without even occupying the Falcon.

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