10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies Of 2022

A lot of great horrors are on the way.

The Black Phone
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Because horror is associated with violence and gore, it's easy for casual viewers to view slashers and paranormal flicks as nothing more than cheap B-movie schlock. But over the last decade, talented filmmakers like Mike Flanagan, Ari Aster, Andy Muschietti, and James Wan have helped elevate the genre so it's being taken more seriously by the masses.

However, 2022 feels like a very interesting year for horror fans since there seems to be something for everyone. If you love sequels, you don't have to wait long for the next instalment of Scream and Halloween. If you're tired of franchises like Predator and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre being run into the ground, don't worry, those series are getting a fresh start this year too.

Of course, if you're bored of "spiritual successors" and remakes, there are plenty of original films to look out for, including Jordan Peele's Nope and Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry, Darling. Even though there are tons of horror films that we are all dying to see this year, we have whittled it down to the ten you should be most excited about.

10. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Black Phone
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Release Date - February 18th

Okay, let's be honest. There hasn't been a good Texas Chainsaw Massacre film since... The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Whether the studio releases a sequel, prequel, or remake, nothing seems to have the same oomph as the one that started it all. So, why should anyone care about the latest instalment?

But this sequel, simply called The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is doing something very different. Set 47 years after the events in the original film, Leatherface is now an old, broken man, with nothing to live for.

When a group of teenagers venture into his territory, the chainsaw-wielding maniac decides to go on one last murder spree. At the same time, the sole survivor from the first film, Sally, is still rattled from her family being killed by Leatherface and so, returns to the cannibal's home to exact her revenge.

Because the story has parallels to the 2018 version of Halloween, it's likely it served as the direct inspiration for this film. Since that Halloween sequel revitalised the franchise, hopefully this movie can do the same for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre's legacy.


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