10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies Of 2022

9. Scream

The Black Phone
Paramount Pictures

Release Date - January 14th

Even though none of the Scream sequels have been on par with the original, you have to commend each entry for mixing it up a little. In the original, the masked killer, Ghostface, used his obsession with horror films to play deadly games with his victims. In Scream 2, the murderer's kills were sequel-themed. In Scream 3, Ghostface relied on the rules of a trilogy. Scream 4 was a commentary on social media and internet fame.

Scream 5 looks like it will be changing it up again since it marks the first time Ghostface is not hunting Sidney Prescott. When Sidney learns this, she tracks down the killer's new target and teaches her "the rules" to survive a horror movie. Sidney is far from a damsel-in-distress but reinventing her as a mentor figure is a nice idea since it'll show a more authoritative side to her.

A Scream without the late franchise creator Wes Craven at the helm is new territory, but Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet proved with their smash-hit, Ready or Not, that they are more than qualified to make an awesome horror flick.


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