10 Most Awesome Fistfights In Movie History

9. Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Ark - Indy Vs. Nazi Mechanic

Bruce Lee Chuck Norris
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Great fight scenes don't have to be all about slick combat. Sometimes, all you need your lovable protagonist trying his best not getting his head knocked off in a rather dicey situation.

After escaping from a crypt, Indiana Jones and his companion, Marion, try to hijack the Nazi plane being used to transport the Ark of the Covenant. However, Indy gets caught in a sticky situation when he attracts the attention with one rather large mechanic.

There's something comical about the mechanic's evil chuckles as he shrugs off his shirt and beckons Indy off the plane. It's almost as if this beast of a man been waiting for a worthy hijacker opponent his whole life. The David vs. Goliath match-up starts a cat-and-mouse game around the rotating plane as Indy narrowly avoids being shot by the pilot and the mechanic's swooping fists.

Indy's underhand tactics, such as biting, throwing sand, and one painful low blow fail to dissuade the manic mechanic as gasoline pours onto the airfield. Of course, things get cut short as the plane's rotors end up slicing the mechanic to pieces - just another horrific death in a family-friendly adventure romp.

This gruesome demise isn't actually Pat Roach's first appearance or death in the film. The real-life professional wrestler plays a sherpa in the Nepalese bar earlier on and appears again in Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom as the slave driver who gets roller-pinned to death. The guy can't catch a break!


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