10 Most Awkward Instances Of Hollywood Whitewashing

10. Emma Stone - Allison Ng - Aloha

Perhaps the biggest outcry with regards to Hollywood whitewashing in more recent times, it's Emma Stone as the "half Asian, half white" Allison Ng in Cameron Crowe's Aloha. Aloha wasn't a particularly great movie, but aside from its critical and commercial failings, the movie - which also confirmed Crowe as a director who has officially lost his mojo - was accused of whitewashing in its decision to cast Stone, an white American, in the part of a character who claimed to be partly Chinese and party Hawaiian. The casting decision resulted in huge controversy, with Crowe eventually apologising for his oversight in choosing Stone; the actress, on the other hand, later admitted that she had been "miscast." She also added that it had "ignited a conversation that€™s very important." Whilst that might be true, the ordeal was more than a tad awkward for everyone involved.

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