10 Most Badass 'One-Man Army' Movie Scenes Of The Last Decade

Can anything top Netflix's brilliant one-take scene in Extraction? 

Extraction Netflix

An action movie can get any fan's blood pumping. Large explosions, bullets flying and fists swinging spikes the viewer's adrenaline and puts them on the edge of their seat.

Throughout action movie history, one of the most popular sub-genres has been the 'one-man army'. This is usually one person going up against multiple enemies all at once, usually with fewer bullets or weapons. The odds are stacked against them and it seems impossible, but pure skill, sheer strength and steely determination can save the day, with the heroes taking out all the bad guys in a bloody fight to the death.

The one-man army action movie has provided audiences with some of the most iconic films of all time, from Rambo to Commando, Kill Bill to Die Hard. Seeing one person fighting with nothing to lose is a treat to adrenaline junkies, but even the classics can be upstaged by new blood.

Over the past ten years, some truly brutal but beautiful action sequences have graced streaming services and the big screens. Some of these one-man armies are so skilled, so brutal and so cunning that fans can't help but cheer as they plough through anyone in their path.

10. The Raid: Redemption - Cornered

Extraction Netflix
Sony Pictures Classics

The Raid: Redemption was one of the most underrated action movies of the 2010s, boasting amazing fight choreography scene after scene after scene. Bloody, brutal and heart pumping, The Raid delivers on all levels of an action lover's dream.

However, the best example of Rama, the hero, being a one-man army is when he is cornered. Criminals chase him down a dead end corridor where he is forced to turn and fight, against four men with machetes. He is desperate, alone and unarmed.

Rama delivers a punishing flurry of blows and kicks in a desperate fight for his life. The whole scene leaves you on the edge of your seat as Rama takes them out one by one, dodging machete swings and punches. The Raid cements Rama as a force to be reckoned with in action cinema.


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