10 Most Badass 'One-Man Army' Movie Scenes Of The Last Decade

8. The Old Guard - Church Ambush

Extraction Netflix

The Old Guard once again let Charlize Theron show the world that she is one of the leading female action stars of the 21st century. From Mad Max to Atomic Blonde, Theron has shown she has the skill and brutality to be the best of the best.

In The Old Guard, Theron plays Andy, the leader of a group of immortals, who fight for good and protect the innocent. The group are a tightly-knit unit who fight alongside each other but when they are left recovering from an ambush, Andy attacks on her own.

Armed with a pistol and a sword, Andy drops in on a SWAT team in an abandoned church and leaves no-one alive. Theron is devastatingly fierce and dispatches the team in a savage dance of death. The soundtrack and amazing fight choreography leaves the audience in awe of Andy's quick and bloody style.

The whole scene is brutally efficient and has action fans wishing that Theron had even more enemies thrown at her.


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