10 Most Believable Avengers 4 Fan Theories

Is it time for some Thanosbustin'?

Avengers 4 Thanos
Marvel Studios

With a little under a year until the release of Avengers 4 ends the first era of the MCU and ushers in a brave new world for Marvel Studios and fans of their sprawling franchise and no sign of any real marketing for the film, it's a tough time for fans. Naturally, we're all still incredibly hyped and devastated by the end of Infinity War, but we're all ready for the next big show.

And yes, while we do have Captain Marvel to look forward to and Ant-Man And The Wasp is in cinemas still, nothing can possibly compete with the collective need to see what happens now that half of the universe has been wiped out. And in the absence of any sort of updates on that front, we're all just going to have to make do with the theories, rumours and dressed-up lies that will continue to spill out until release.

Luckily, though, there are some theories out there that genuinely sound like they could be on the money...

10. Tony Stark Will Get Thanosbuster Armour

Thanosbuster Armour
Marvel Studios

The Theory

Tony Stark has already proved himself to be a man of great innovation and one fan theory from Everything Always suggests that he will take those skills to the next level and build a Thanosbuster armour for Avengers 4 to bring the Titan down.

Why It's Believable

It fits Tony's arc for a start: he's already made specific suits for specific purposes (not just the Hulkbuster but all of the suits in Iron Man III had specific conditions attached to them) and his ingenuity is his greatest asset. He also seems intent on taking thanos down no matter what the cost, so going toe-to-toe with him again is inevitable, but he's already come off badly in one meeting, so he'll no doubt realise he needs to be more prepared.

Him building something - perhaps with the assistance of Eitri, who knows exactly how to make "Thanos-killing" armour - would absolutely fit and it would promise an epic last stand sequence too.


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