10 Most Believable Avengers 4 Fan Theories

9. Thanos Time Travelled

Thanos Titan Farm
Marvel Studios

The Theory

At the very end of Infinity War, we see Thanos battle-worn but content after he's snapped his fingers and "rebalanced" the universe. He seems to be at peace, sitting on a farm with his armour standing as a scarecrow.

It's pretty much a redo of the scene from the comics showing Thanos retired. But the key point here is that he's not on the destroyed version of Titan that we see earlier in the film. The planet is lush and lively as if he's undone its catastrophic end, but that's impossible or he would have simply done that rather than killing half of existence if it were an option, surely?

One theory suggests Thanos actually time travels to his retirement, returning to Titan's past to live out his days in peace. And it makes a lot of sense.

Why It's Believable

Because Thanos is "haunted by knowledge" as he tells Tony Stark. And what he's haunted most by is the idea that the whole universe will suffer the same fate as his homeworld, which broke his heart. It's only natural that he'd return there once again to seek out his own peace.


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