10 Most Consistently Boring Actors In Hollywood

Having charm and charisma is something all actors and actresses need. If you don€™t have €˜€™it,€™€™ then you will blend into blandness and get overshadowed by someone who does have €˜€™it.€™€™

Anybody can read words from a page, but unless you know what to do with those words to bring them to life, then you are not doing your job as an actor. It's not just about get a huge pay check for standing in front of the camera; you have to tell a story.

But as with everything, there are exceptions to the rule. Some break through even when they have all the charisma of a plank of wood. There is a fine line between acting cool and coming across like you are snoozing with your eyes open. Also, where some actors just lack any real talent, others look bored doing their dayjob.

For all their efforts, they are more a €˜plank of wood€™ than Clint Eastwood but for some reason they remain a box office draw. People are still attracted to go see their films enough for studios to give them projects to star in.

So, which actors are not worth their hefty price tags? Which actors have struck it lucky with all the charisma of a wet weekend? Keep reading to find out.

10. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford Morning Glory

One of the dullest people to watch being interviewed somehow managed to play two of cinema€™s most charismatic characters, Han Solo and Indiana Jones. But where he could once find the dividing line between the characters he plays and his own grouchy personality, that separation has become less obvious as Ford has gotten older.

Be it the forthcoming Ender's Game or the rumoured reprising of Han Solo in Star Wars VII, you can be sure the one tone delivery will make you wonder what exactly it was that made Harrison Ford so popular.

Ford was described as €œboring€ and a €œc*ck€ by a British TV presenter Claudia Winkleman after she interviewed him. She told Radio Times magazine that, €œHe was a bit up himself, and he was a little bit boring. It€™s not really his fault €” maybe that€™s just how he is.


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