10 Most Controversial Batman Movie Moments

9. "I'll Get Drive-Thru" - Batman Forever

Batman Forever
Warner Bros.

After Burton's Batman sequel, Batman Returns, didn't do as well at the box office, Warner Bros. was looking for a more family-friendly and less strange approach for the third film.

This meant kicking Burton to the curb, with Keaton opting out of the film entirely. In their places were Joel Schumacher as director and Val Kilmer as Batman. So how did this dynamic duo introduce their take on the classic character and assauge fans' fears that the franchise was now going to be reduced to a Happy-Meal-friendly tie-in commercial for Bat-merchandising?

With Batman's infamous first line from Batman Forever, of course: "I'll get drive-thru".

After Schumacher delivers all the pomp-and-circumstance one would expect from a Batman intro fairly well, he ruins it all with this completely naff line delivery. Alfred asking him to take a sandwich in the first place is weird enough but Kilmer's stilted delivery of the line and the painfully awkward silence that follows it is excruciating.

It was never exactly the best way to kick off this iteration of Batman films, but with the benefit of hindsight, it has become a horrifyingly accurate picture of what was still to come under Schumacher's reign.

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