10 Most Controversial Batman Movie Moments

8. Bat-Groping - Batman Forever

Batman Forever
Warner Bros

Sadly, things only get worse as the runtime for Batman Forever drags on.

One of the most unanimously praised elements of Burton's underappreciated Batman Returns was Michelle Pfeifer's performance as Catwoman. She was deliriously deranged in all the right ways and delivered a take on the femme fatale archetype that is still revered as a classic to this day.

So naturally, Batman Forever felt the need to up the ante in terms of Batman's love interest. So audiences were treated to circa-1995 Nicole Kidman playing Dr. Chase Meridian. Kidman has a host of cheesy sequences where her performance is so clearly attempting to emulate Pfeifer's gonzo-performance that just don't work, but the worst offender of all is the Bat-groping sequence.

Meridian sneaks up to the roof to use the Bat-signal, summoning Batman so she can profess her love to him. She then recounts how she's always been attracted to the bad boys, and how she's now falling for the "black rubber" of the Bat-suit. As she says this, she squeezes Batman's nipples.

As if all of this wasn't already strange enough, the film inserts a canned sound effect of Kidman letting out a sigh of pleasure as it cuts to the close-up of her squeezing the nipples and it is supremely uncomfortable.

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