10 Most Criminally Underrated Blockbusters Since 2000

Which big budget flops deserve a second look?

The current business model in Hollywood leans very heavily on the box office takings of mega-budget €˜blockbusters€™. This will come as no surprise to anyone who has paid even the smallest modicum of attention to the cinematic output lately, and it has become especially apparent from the mid-2000's onwards, with the overwhelming proliferation of franchise movies. It used to be that the majority of these films were released in summertime, but now we get them over the Christmas period and Spring as well. With so many would-be blockbusters seeing release in the new millennium, it is somewhat inevitable that some will struggle to find an audience or get lost in the shuffle. It seems audience's can only stomach so many loud and explosive action/fantasy spectacles and the last number of years have seen almost as many huge movies under-perform as ones that have exceeded expectations. This article will focus on 10 of the most underrated blockbusters of the new millennium, movies that either flopped financially or we believe were unfairly critically derided. Keep in mind that this article is very opinion-based, and chances are there may be some entries that the majority of film fans think were better off being forgotten about. But we€™d rather watch any of these 10 films again before subjecting ourselves to another Transformers atrocity, that's for sure.

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