10 Most Cringeworthy Moments In Recent Movies

Yes, one of Thor's weapons was jealous of the other.

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Watching a movie can evoke a wide array of emotions. The ability to create connections to characters and situations in such a short space of time, and to truly care about and be affected by what is on the screen is what makes the cinema so magical.

This doesn't even have to be all positive, as there are as many tear-jerking, or hate-fueled scenes as there are uplifting and joyous. On another level entirely however, are the scenes that are just pure cringe - those that are so bad they are genuinely difficult to watch.

This is often out of second-hand embarrassment either for the actors, the writers, the audience, or anyone else involved, and can be because of anything from a bad joke painfully missing the mark, to a ridiculously awkward moment, or some truly embarrassing dialogue.

The history of cinema is filled with some incredibly uncomfortable scenes, and of course recent memory is no different. From CGI ruining a moment, to shocking character designs and some simply baffling creative decisions, there has been no shortage of cringe at the movies over the last five years alone.

10. Mjolnir's Jealousy - Thor: Love & Thunder

The Flash Ending
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There are a few movies on this list from which you could take your pick of cringeworthy moments, but arguably none more so than Thor: Love and Thunder. Taika Waititi's follow-up to the exceptional Thor: Ragnarok missed the mark tonally, and is one of the weakest outings in the MCU to date.

From Jane Foster's catchphrase and the screaming goats to Korg's painful voiceovers, Thor's new fighting style alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, and literally anything Russell Crowe said as Zeus, there was no shortage of scenes that could have claimed a spot on this particular list. None of the above was the worst, however.

Whereas its predecessor Ragnarok was laugh-out-loud funny, Thor: Love and Thunder was full of moments that were clearly written to be funny, but went down like a lead balloon. The absolute worst example of this was Mjolnir being jealous of Thor's relationship with Stormbreaker.

Even Chris Hemsworth has spoken about how the movie went too silly, saying as much in an interview with GQ, and Mjolnir's jealousy exemplifies this concern. Did anyone really need to know that Thor's weapons had a feud?


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