10 Most Cringeworthy Moments In Recent Movies

9. Nolan North's Cameo - Uncharted

The Flash Ending
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One of the best things about HBO's The Last of Us was how it approached giving cameos to the cast of the original Naughty Dog games. Troy Baker (Joel), Jeffrey Pierce (Tommy), Merle Dandridge (Marlene), and Ashley Johnson (Ellie) all appeared, but there was nothing gratuitous about it at all. Every single one of them enhanced the show.

The same cannot be said about Sony's adaptation of another PlayStation powerhouse, Uncharted. Nolan North, who voiced Nathan Drake in the series, is a voice acting legend, and was rightly given some screen time during the movie. Surely though, something better could have been written for him.

As Nate and Chloe walked up the beach after crash landing in the sea, from a sun lounger North said that something similar happened to him previously. There will be a lot of people who didn't know who this was, and without the context of the cameo itself, the scene made absolutely no sense. Even with the knowledge of who this was, it's a poor excuse for a cameo.

It's up there with Agent 47 walking past two people playing as him on the PlayStation in 2007's Hitman adaptation. This scene screamed of desperation to get North on screen for the sake of it, rather than actually giving the voice actor a real part to play.


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