10 Most Cursed Horror Films To Watch This Halloween 2020

Watch if you dare!

The Conjuring
New Line Cinema

As spooky season lurks around the corner, fans of the horror genre crave for the scariest and jumpiest plot to watch with their friends during their Halloween weekend.

They witness as the victims in the movie are possessed, killed and run for their lives from the ghostly presences or evil spirits that have it in for them, after they messed with the wrong house, or forgot to close their last Ouija board session properly. It's widely known that, if you are a character in a horror film, you have the lowest chance of coming out unscathed of just about any film genre, and that's largely what fans have come to expect.

It has been known that for some of the these films, the making of them was much more spooky than what we might initially expect. These "cursed films" have seen on set tragedies that naturally lead many to worry about the supernatural themes extending into the production itself.

But which of these famous horrors created the most paranoia amongst those working to create them? Here is just some films that dealt with strange and unfortunate circumstances that could be considered equally frightening to the film they ended up creating.

10. The Exorcist

The Conjuring
Warner Bros. Pictures

The Exorcist was released in 1973, and became well known around the world for its controversial plot surrounding a girl who becomes possessed by demons, in turn causing an extreme exorcism to take place that doesn't exactly go according to plan. For many, it is a film of nightmares, but for the cast and crew, the film cannot be forgotten for all the wrong reasons.

Director William Friedkin was known to put the actors to their extreme before yelling cut and action, including painful rigs and long takes that saw the two main actresses suffer life changing circumstances.

In one moment of the movie, actress Ellen Burnstyn playing the mother Chris is flung across the bedroom, hitting the wall and screaming in pain. In fact, this was not acting, as it was soon realised that her screams meant Ellen had in fact hit her spine and suffered an extreme injury.

Many of the production crew swore the set was cursed, after a faulty fire saw most of it in flames, apart from the bedroom in which the exorcism took place. Nine people connected to the film died before completion, and serial killer Paul Bateson actually appears in the movie as a radio tech, only two years before his first murder.


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