10 Most Cursed Horror Films To Watch This Halloween 2020

9. The Omen

The Conjuring
20th Century Studios

The Omen was a 1976 psychological horror, themed around the story of a family and their son, who turns out to be the evil anti christ (spoilers) by causing all sorts of havoc and deaths throughout the plot. But the chaos doesn't end there, as a film centred around the devil was never going to get off lightly with fate.

In fact, there were many strange fatalities and near death experiences by cast and crew alike that they all swore could be no coincidence. Both lead actor and writer of the film were on separate planes that were both hit by lighting, a stuntman died in a stunt suit gone wrong during the famous dog attack scene and an animal handler was mauled to death by lions the day after their completion in the movie.

And there's more. One of the most famous and most horrifying incidents saw special effects director John Richardson and his assistant Liz Moore be involved in a serious car accident, echoing a scene from the movie and saw Moore decapitated, much like the fate of the famous head scene from the film itself.


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