10 Most Disappointing MCU Moments

When the MCU failed to hit the mark.

Marvel Studios

It cannot be understated just how impressively the Marvel Cinematic Universe has pulled off a colossal, interlinked world of movies over the last decade-plus.

As other franchises have tried and inexorably failed to do the same, the MCU has largely gone from strength to strength with its world-building and storytelling.

If it's never gotten worse than the watchable mediocrity of Thor: The Dark World after two-dozen movies, then that's quite the cause for celebration.

But it's of course impossible to maintain a standard of total excellence with so many cooks in the kitchen, and over the years the franchise has certainly delivered a number of promising moments which ended up falling a little flat.

From hotly anticipated final fight scenes which didn't hit the mark, to underwhelming deaths, surprises for no sake but their own, and even hallmark moments we never actually got to see, these are the 10 biggest disappointments in the entirety of the MCU.

Though they hardly derailed their respective movies, they're certainly pivotal scenes which left fans feeling more than a little underserved...


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