10 Most Disappointing Movie Reboots Since 2000

8. Godzilla (2014)

The Amazing Spider Man Andrew Garfield
Warner Bros.

Released to theaters in 2014 with hopes of reviving the franchise, Godzilla’s remit was simple: don’t be the Roland Emmerich movie. Director Gareth Edwards gamely took on the challenge, but his movie is po-faced, short on fun and ultimately pretty dull.

There’s also something vaguely sinister about the movie’s military fetishism, and critics were quick to point out that for every minute of Godzilla action there appears to be five minutes of loving close-ups of tanks, choppers and aircraft carriers.

The lead character is a Lieutenant in the US Navy and whenever he’s on screen the film turns into a recruiting ad, with shots of his perfect family followed by him conducting himself honourably in combat.

Not surprisingly, the military provided full support.

“Some of the people who will be watching Godzilla aren’t going to be watching the evening news,” said Lt Col Steven R Cole, a military advisor. “But they may learn about the Army from this or any other movie or TV show that we supported.”

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