10 Most Disappointing Movie Reboots Since 2000

9. Fantastic Four (2015)

The Amazing Spider Man Andrew Garfield
20th Century Fox

Time Out called Fantastic Four a movie of two halves “the first likeable and fun, the second tiresome and loud.” It takes its time (50 minutes) setting up the characters, but then goes horribly wrong as second guessing by the studio dilutes their motivations and muddies the narrative. By the second half, you’re no longer invested in the characters or their story because they’ve become more like pieces on a chessboard.

It wouldn’t be the first time a studio threw away a decent film and ordered reshoots to make it “commercial” – exactly the same thing happened to Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, whose scope and majesty was junked in favour of a slasher movie that would appeal to the Friday The 13th crowd.

Was Josh Trank’s movie another casualty of studio filmmaking, or did Fox make the right decision? Hopefully, we’ll see Trank’s cut so we can decide for ourselves.

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