10 Most Disgusting Horror Movie Injuries

Warning: gross content inside.

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Finding yourself in a horror movie means one thing: you're in danger. Whether that's mental or physical depends on the type of the threat you're facing, but for the most part, paranormal entities versed in psychological warfare are just as happy to be slicing and dicing bodies up as any corporeal form.

Characters in horror are faced with certain bodily harm in almost every circumstance, and these films aren't afraid to get inventive with their pain. What's worse is the moments that they're forced through to prove their will to survive, refusing to die by going through the most torturous scenarios filmmakers can fathom (and get away with putting on screen).

So then, here is a list of 10 of the most gross, unsettling, and traumatising injuries you can lay your twisted peepers on. Whether they be gory to the point of nausea or just downright rank in execution, they're the moments you won't soon be forgetting, drawn out to sickening lengths as we witness just what the human body is capable of being put through.

Hint: it's a lot.

10. Degloving - Gerald's Game

Cabin Fever Image Cover

The most infamous passage in Stephen King's novel by a long shot, director Mike Flanagan brings this icky scene into gruesome reality a little too well in Gerald's Game. Following poor unfortunate Jessie, we're forced to watch as she's obediently handcuffed to the bed for a bit of kinky fun with her older husband - only for him to drop down dead from all the excitement, leaving her bound and helpless.

Everyone's away for the weekend under Gerald's instruction, her phone is impossibly out of reach on the nightstand, and as the rabid cherry on this cake of horrors, the front door has been left open for a hungry stray dog to wonder in and get a taste of Gerald's prime rib.

And that's without mentioning the moonlight man coming to pay Jessie a visit, too.

So what does she do? Why, she slits open her palm and peels the flesh from her hand like an old leather glove, forcefully flaying herself to slip her hand out of the cuffs and escape her hell house once and for all. It's a badass movie, but one that will have you contorting with discomfort from the opening grisly slice all the way through to her slippery salvation.

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