10 Most Disgusting Horror Movie Injuries

9. A Close Shave - Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever Image Cover

If there's anything to be learned from Cabin Fever, it's that shaving absolutely isn't worth it. Growing out a little leg fluff? Cute, practical, warm in winter. Taking a razor to your shins? Risk of a razor burn that takes half your flesh with it. No shave November just became a year-round fashion statement.

Alas, Cabin Fever's Marcy serves as our guide, and whilst having a little luxurious bath after boinking her pal Paul silly, she attempts to groom herself to disastrous results. Marcy has contracted a vicious disease that turns her skin into wads of gore; one ravaging her friend group after they accidentally encounter an infected man in the woods.

As we watch her weep as she tries to commit to lathering up and shaving down, Marcy's tears fall on what quickly shows itself to be a deteriorating condition that's taken over from Paul's hands being on her back, bringing about the age-old curse of death by sexuality for women in horror movies.

But that death doesn't come until after she's sloughed off her skin and wandered outside to be mauled by a dog, of course.

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