10 Most Disturbing Ways To Die In Sci-Fi Movies

Aliens sure do like to make death seem unpleasant...

Jason X Frozen
New Line

Science-fiction is a genre that is filled with a myriad of disturbing themes and ideas that have chilled audiences to the core. It is made so much more effective due to the fact sci-fi is not bound by limits on where it can take a narrative.

Dying is the last thing we all have to go through, and for the majority of us, we want it to be as peaceful and painless as possible.

Then movies come along and ramp up our worries by giving us deathly scenarios that, despite being exaggerated works of fiction, we all fear we'll end up in someday. To make things even more juicy and entertaining, they also ensure these methods of popping your clogs are as disturbing as possible so they implant in your brain.

Be it by some weird Alien, or something beyond what our tiny human mind can comprehend, these ten movies gave audiences some ways to die that would keep you up at night imagining just what it would be like to go through them.

10. Looper - Dismembered Across Time

Jason X Frozen
TriStar Pictures

In Looper, hitmen travel through time in order to take out their targets, and at the end of their contract, travel forward in time to kill themselves and seal the loop. When one hitman named Seth decides to not go through with offing his older self, the consequences are spine-tingling.

In the past, a young Seth is sedated on an operating table and they carve an address into his arm. The older Seth then sees the scarred words on his arm and races to get there knowing what is happening.

As he is booking it to his destination, he notices some of his fingers go missing, and then his nose is now sliced off from an old wound, as the surgeon carves them off his younger body elsewhere piece -by-piece affecting him in the future.

This then leads to a terrifying scene of his foot, then other leg at the knee, and then his arms all vanishing and leave him a hobbling quadriplegic screaming for them to stop. His pain is only ended when they fire a bullet in his head to end the contract

It's one of the most graphic and scary deaths you'll ever see that doesn't contain a drop of blood.

It's a chilling end you have absolutely no defense against, and if it happened to you without warning the blind panic you would be in trying to figure out why your body is disappearing would be another level of terror.


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