10 Most Disturbing Ways To Die In Sci-Fi Movies

9. Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi - The Sarlaac Pit

Jason X Frozen

The Star Wars universe is so vast you could probably fill this entire list with terrors from the galaxy far, far away. In the films, however, there's one infamous creature that springs to mind that our heroes end up almost being fed to before a massive battle erupts sending many of their foes in instead.

The Sarlaac is a massive gaping maw in the Tatooine desert that swallows any unfortunate creature that comes near. After entering the jaws of the Saraac though, their anguish has only just begun.

The Sarlaac paralyzes its victims with immobilizing toxins that cause constant immeasurable pain, and they will then be transferred into one of its stomachs to be slowly digesting for 1000 years.

Not only will you be slowly eaten for a Millenium, but according to various sources, the Sarlaac pit is also prone to transmitting telepathic nightmares to its victims that whole time.

So not only will you slowly, painfully dissolve into a fine paste, but you'll be tortured with fear-inducing images flashing through your mind the entire duration too.

A pretty nasty way to go for a film aimed at kids.


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