10 Most Divisive Films Of All Time

Love them or hate it, we can't stop talking about The Last Jedi.


The internet is a wonderful thing. It gives film fans access to all the latest movies, allows them to keep on top of upcoming releases and follow their favourite franchises, and argue with other fans until the small hours of the morning until they are blue in the face.

Of course, movies were polarising long before the advent of the 'net, but the online world has allowed our differences over the finer points of cinema to truly blossom. A passion for movies unites people just as much as our intense disagreements can divide us, and there's no shortage of forum posts and blogs outlining in great detail why movies are loved and maligned in equal measure.

Some movies really split the viewers down the aisle, transforming polite discussions into pitched battles between attackers and defenders. Manners are cast to one side in favour of all out war, each side determined to prove their opinion is correct.

Whether it's blockbuster comic book movies or films designed to please the art house crowds, these are the most divisive films of all time.


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