10 Most Eerily Disturbing Still Shots From Horror Movies

These are the horror movie images you'll never, ever forget.

Horror movie fans love to be scared/scarred and we all have specific scenes seared into the mind's eye, unforgettable since that first fateful, fearful viewing. It could be Freddy Kruger's arms extending in a netherworldly fashion as he pursues Nancy Thompson down a darkened alley in the original A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984). Or maybe it's the unnerving, cryptic finale of Kill List (2011) in which protagonist Neil Maskell's Jay battles it out with a strangely familiar looking hump-backed swordsman. For some it could even be that curdling moment in The Stuff (1985) when Chocolate Chip Charlie begins to choke on... wait, you haven't seen The Stuff? Maybe get to that after reading this article then... Regardless, there are plenty of scenes that make us quiver - with a strong set-up, tension and release it's relatively easy to achieve that - but what of those single images that do the nefarious job without context? The stills that speak volumes... of terror that is. Rather less common than their moving counterparts these are the screenshots that tell a terrifying story all of their own - sometimes being just as memorable as the movies from whence they are ripped. Here are ten images that cut to the core of horror geeks everywhere.
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