10 Most Embarrassing Movie Scenes To Watch With Your Mum

How many family film-nights did these ruin?

No matter how wise and mature we become with age, some things just never get easier.

One thing we can all agree is horrific at ANY age? Watching a sex scene with your mum.

Depending on the extremity and vigour of the on-screen naughtiness, your reaction will vary from a slight reddening of the cheeks to a silent prayer for a power-cut.

With some films, you know what you're in for and can steer well clear. If you put 9 ½ Weeks in for a spin or ask mum if she fancies Showgirls, then you deserve everything you get.

But what about when you choose a movie that should be clean family fun? What about those films that give little reason to suspect amorous shenanigans? From full-frontal nudity to talking dirty, the nature of titillating scenes varies in severity. No matter how tame, though, any thrill you might otherwise feel is overwhelmed by unbearable shame once your mother's in the room.

10. Big

Surprised to see this timeless Tom Hanks masterpiece here? Well, that's understandable €“ Big's sex scene is hardly top-shelf stuff, but it's still a pretty awkward moment in an otherwise very family-friendly film.

Especially if you're so young you've never even seen a woman in a bra before. As many of us are when we first experience Big.

One minute, you're watching Josh enjoy all the pizza and independence adulthood brings, and the next he's pawing at Susan's (Elizabeth Perkins) breasts. Considering this movie could be the very definition of cosy Sunday-afternoon entertainment, this scene is always awkward to see with your mum. If it simply cut from a kiss to Josh's perky arrival at the office the next day, that would be one thing. But the groping is just weird in such a beloved feel-good flick.

Still not convinced? Consider this. While Big's saucy scene shows Josh's youthful excitement and inexperience when faced with a real woman, it actually leads into darker territory that nobody seems to notice.

Susan has no idea Josh is only a kid underneath Hanks' adult form. Had they just enjoyed a ferocious one-night stand, she might never have discovered the awful truth. Instead, she sees Josh revert to his young self and has to spend the rest of her life knowing what she did.

How's that for a family film?


Kyle McManus is a freelance writer with a love of Star Wars, comics, books, 2000 AD, and scribbling his own bizarre brand of fiction. He hopes you enjoy reading the words he writes.