10 Most Embarrassing Paycheck Movies For A-List Actors

9. Richard Dreyfuss - Poseidon

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Warner Bros.

For a while in the '90s, disaster movies were the hot commodity in Hollywood.

Not because they were good. Movies like Twister, Dante's Peak and Armageddon were not critical darlings, but they did have one thing in common that worked well. A whole lot of special effects that were unlike anything the movie-going audience had ever seen.

So, by the time Warner Bros. got around to remaking The Poseidon Adventure in 2006, a lot of people felt that it was a few years too late. So, how did they manage to nap legendary actor, Richard Dreyfuss for the role of Richard Nelson? Apparently, it took a lot of money.

See, two years prior, Dreyfuss wanted to concentrate more on his stage career, so he announced his retirement from the movies. In an interview with CinemaBlend, Dreyfuss admitted that it wasn't any charismatic negotiation from director Wolfgang Petersen but just money.

“Money, simple. I announced my retirement just one number short of winning the Spanish national lottery," he said in the interview. "I waited until the tenth and then, ‘I’m retired! Oh sh*t! Ahhh!’ So that’s why [I came back].”

He ended the interview stating that he was finally retired "until I can’t be retired anymore." Seeings how he portrayed Dick Cheney in W. two years later, that obviously didn't last long.


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