10 Most Emotional Avengers: Endgame Moments

9. Spiderman & Iron Man Reuniting On The Battlefield

Black Widow

Tony Stark and Peter Parker's relationship has been a highlight of the MCU ever since the latter's introduction in Civil War, with the pair offering a unique brand of camaraderie that plays off both character's strengths. Peter is the wide-eyed, energetic school kid with a touching naivety, and Tony teaches him with the cool, sarcastic hand that only Iron Man could pull off, becoming almost paternal as their relationship has blossomed.

Watching Spider- 'I don't feel so good Mr Stark' -Man get dusted in Infinity War was undoubtedly the most heart wrenching moment of the MCU to date, so to watch it be undone was always going to slap smiles on faces. Seeing Tony spot the human spider as he excitedly reels off his adventures post-dust is ridiculously lovely, with Peter unaware of just how much Tony cared for him until he's enveloped into a bear hug in the middle of his spiel.

Commenting 'this is nice' as the pair embrace in the middle of the battlefield is almost a comment on what we as the audience are thinking - a reprieve from the stress to come whilst we watch the past and the future of the MCU come together.


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