10 Most Entertaining Bad Guys In Action Movie History

"The next wings you see will belong to the flies buzzing over your rotting corpse."

The most memorable action movies in the history of cinema all have one thing in common: The bad guys are entertaining as hell. Sure, we usually want the good guy to save the day and spout off at least a couple of perfectly-timed one-liners that absolutely nobody in real life would be calm enough to come up with during those pre-or-post murderous moments. But more than anything, we want a compelling bad guy that goes all out. The great thing about action movies is that no one expects them to be subtle. This isn't the time for "realistic" character development, it's the time for unreasonably insane dispositions and dialogue that was written with the express purpose of sounding awesome in the movie's teaser trailer. So that opens up a lot of room for actors (especially those playing the antagonists) to go as batsh*t crazy as their beautiful minds can imagine. And the results can be legendary.

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