10 Most Epic Moments From Godzilla Vs. Kong

Who won in the end? The giant ape, or King of the Monsters?

Godzilla vs Kong
Warner Bros.

Godzilla vs. Kong has finally released, and fans of the MonsterVerse are very likely to have found it worth the wait. The showdown between these two incredible titans only needed to give audiences what it promised to leave them feeling satisfied. Still, it went above and beyond to introduce new concepts to the series, continue the awesome fight scenes, and present a whole new direction for the franchise.

There were plenty of unforgettable moments in the film, as it was a pulse-pounding spectacle from start to finish. While there were some downsides to the flick, such as irrelevant human characters, poor humour and a goofy solution to a dangerous threat - more on that later - it still delivered a fantastic spectacle that those who were lucky enough to see in theatres will remember for some time. So what were the best moments from this epic showdown?

A massive spoiler warning is in effect.


Honourable mentions include the King of Monsters' attack on Apex laboratories, Mechagodzilla gaining sentience, the demise of Maya Simmons and the initial fight between 'Zilla and his robotic counterpart.

10. Kong Can Communicate

Godzilla vs Kong
Warner Bros.

One of the biggest criticisms that viewers tend to have with the MonsterVerse is the lack of strong human characters. While the smaller protagonists are a bit cookie-cutter, they still provide some decent narratives, and the dynamic between the young Jia and Kong was a fascinating one in this movie. There was a great repour between them, and it was made even better during this scene.

While crossing the ocean to reach the entry to Hollow Earth, Jia wandered towards Kong, chained to the ship. In response, her mother figure - Ilene Andrews - ran out to help her, but little Jia revealed that she could communicate with Kong and stated that he was scared. The moment was topped off even further when they looked to Kong, and he signed the word "home" back to them.

Seeing Kong physically communicate was a massive surprise and drew some enormous ramifications for the series. Having the ability to converse with a titan is a great opportunity for humanity to form a symbiotic relationship with the giant ape, which played a big part in the rest of the film.


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