10 Most Epic Uses Of F*ck In Movie History

Ever wanted to see a cow drop an f-bomb? Now's your chance!

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There are some who say that swearing is an art form; if done right, it can offend, cause laughter, inspire or disgust, and if done wrong, it can come off as forced, like the screenwriter ran out of ideas and just penned the most offensive cuss-words their crude mind could conjure up.

But when it is done right, it's glorious. Movie history has gifted us more than a few memorable, mature lines of dialogue, and quite often, these R-rated beauties give a movie notoriety, helping us remember films we'd otherwise have forgotten, or cementing an already-great movie's status with a quotable, whip-smart piece of screenwriting magic.

So, let's take a look at some of the best. These moments are unforgettable because of the way they use the mighty f-bomb, and the effects range from awe-inspiring, to bewildering, to downright funny.

Here are ten of the most epic, creative uses of "f*ck" in movie history...


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